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All of our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.

Our Story…

Neal Wolbert, President

Plant Essentials, LLC was born out of the need to find and secure a steady supply of unique liquid fertilizer and soil amendment products for our treatment company, Wolbert’s Inc. Wolbert’s Inc. is family held and has been treating landscapes since 1960.

In the mid-80’s we decided to go all liquid with our lawn treatments for a number of very good reasons. These included the desire to have the ability to change formulations at will, to apply control products for spot treatment of pests while fertilizing, and to improve application accuracy. We were concerned about spreading products in areas outside the turf, like sidewalks, pavement, ornamental beds and water sites. We felt liquid application, with specialized hand held equipment, would give us the best control regarding the placement of products.

We found products that met the criteria and began using them. After much field study and formulating, we landed on a blend of synthetic and organic products that gave us the desired results. We then launched our liquid treatment programs which continue to this day. In the years following, we were encouraged by industry professionals to begin manufacturing these unique products. Plant Essentials, LLC now supplies liquid products to a growing list of golf and landscape care professionals.

Our endeavor is to make liquid application more effective, more eco-responsible at an affordable price. We are small enough to be personal and responsive, and we like it that way.

For us, our good name and reputation are more valuable than riches. You will find Plant Essentials, LLC to be a company you can trust, made up of people who have your best interest in mind, and who, by the way, sell really effective liquid landscape care products!

Neal Wolbert, President
Plant Essentials, LLC

Plant Essentials, LLC