Our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.

SuperTrace 6% Iron 
fully chelated micronutrients

Phosphate Free - EDTA Free

2% N - 6% FE

General Information

SuperTrace is a fully chelated, multi-mineral liquid fertilizer with USDA organic compliant humic substances that reduces, corrects and prevents mineral deficiencies in plants. This 6% iron formula is for use on turf as a spray or fertigation and as a root fertilizer for trees and shrubs. It is fully chelated allowing maximum nutrient access by the plant. No harsh chemicals are used in the formulation of this product.

No Phosphates

There are no phosphates in SuperTrace for several reasons. First, there is ample phosphorus in most Pacific Northwest soils. Secondly, mobile phosphates present an environmental concern in water.

Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, WSU research, has studied the subject and published the following comment;

“It's my belief that many of the chlorotic shrubs we see in urban landscapes are suffering from indirect iron/manganese deficiency from over-application of phosphorus. Moreover, it has been experimentally demonstrated that high levels of phosphorus are detrimental to mycorrhizal health and lower the rate of mycorrhizal infection of root systems.”

“Horticultural Myths”
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott
WSU Research


EDTA is a chemical used to sequester metals (chelate) and is widely used in many products today. Besides many fertilizers, EDTA is found in detergents, cosmetics, home cleaning products and a host of other common compounds. It is very effective, perhaps too effective in the eyes of some scientists.

“(EDTA) Behaves as a persistent environmental pollutant enhancing the mobility and bio-availability and re-mobilization of heavy metals…and is a major concern.”
Quim, Nova, Vol. 26, No. 6, 2003

SuperTrace is fully chelated with humic substances that degrade rapidly in soil presenting no environmental concerns.

We want it to be widely used…

There are other quality multi-mineral products available today, but most of them carry heavy price tags and are not widely used because of that. We have priced this product to benefit the end user.

Give us a call today for the number of a distributor close to you. References available upon request.

SuperTrace is the best choice,
the results prove it,
and it’s priced right.