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“ I applied SuperTrace and SoilSeeds on a green right after aeration and topdressing and it recovered 25% faster than the other greens that were treated with granular fertilizer.”

John Franson, Wilbur-Ellis

“We use SuperTrace in our tank mix for lawns because it contains the chelated trace elements needed to provide a complete nutrient compliment, not just one or two elements.  The organic additives benefit the soil and we feel we are doing our part to not only protect our environment, but improve it. That’s good for customer relations and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do it.” 

Don Abshear, CLT
Abshear Landscape Services, Inc.

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for letting us know about your SuperTrace and Nutrex-M/F products. After we started using them in our lawn fertilizer mix, we began getting rave reviews from our clients about how lush and green their lawns had become. Thank you very much for creating and selling these great products. I wish we had started using them a long time ago!” 

Best regards,

Erik Hodson
General Manager
Whitworth Pest Solutions, Inc.

SuperTrace and 19-0-03 Golf give quick responses even in cold weather…the color really pops and I won’t have to worry about burn in any weather.”

Bob Schoessler,
Superintendent, Dungeness G.C.

“We had a tee that had a pretty thick, corky thatch layer and was looking pretty bad. I treated it with SoilSeeds two times about a month apart. I sampled it later in the summer and the thatch had turned really dark (humus) and the turf had turned around nicely. I’ve gotten calls from several other superintendents this year and recommended they try SoilSeeds .”

Chris King
Superintendent at Willows Run Golf Club.


A fully chelated, multi-mineral liquid fertilizer with USDA organic compliant fulvic acid that reduces, corrects and prevents mineral deficiencies in plants. This 6% iron formula is for use on turf as a spray or fertigation and as a root fertilizer for trees and shrubs. It is fully chelated allowing maximum nutrient access by the plant. No harsh chemicals are used in the formulation of this product .read more

19-0-3 Golf

Apply19-0- 3 Golf alone or in combination with SuperTrace 6% Fe micro-nutrients with fulvic acid for a complete foliar fertilizer. This micro-filtered liquid is compatible with other tank mix partners. read more


For use in liquid fertilizer formulations containing nitrogen and other nutrients. Nutrex-M/F will improve fertilizer efficiency and encourage biological proliferation, extending the release of nitrogen and availability of other elements to plants, while eliminating nitrogen loss into the atmosphere and by leaching. read more

SuperRoots Turf

SuperRootsTurf is a liquid combination of predictable release macro/micro nutrients, fulvic acid-carbon amendment with plant sourced microbes* (our SoilSeeds product) and endo-mycorrhizae* for on-the-seed application at seeding or at aeration and over-seeding of greens, tees and ornamental grasses. read more


SuperRoots is a liquid concentrate bio-fertilizer containing nitrogen, potash, fully chelated micro- nutrients, live soil microbes, and endo-ecto mycorrhizae. For shallow root injection for trees and shrubs. Just add water and apply as the label directs. read more


This USDA organic compliant microbial inoculant encourages conditions in lawn and garden soil that increase the availability of atmospheric nitrogen and soil minerals for root uptake and reduces or eliminates thatch. read more


SpeedyGreen will reduce, correct, and prevent iron and magnesium deficiencies in turf. SpeedyGreen contains chelated iron and magnesium and the natural chelation element will not strip calcium from plant cell wall and will not damage turf when used as directed. read more