All our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.

Heat wave good bye.
I treated an old growth Oregon white oak in March using Super Roots for a local tree company.
The results were pretty astounding. 15"-16"  grid.  Used 45 gallons of finished mix.
It had scale and some other issues.  It looks great according to the owner of tree company.
He wanted to know if I recommend more treatments.
Was wondering if you had some good talking points to send my way.
The SuperRoots is amazing stuff
I have a rose customer that gets 2 treatments annually.  Her roses look fantastic.


Every once in a while, a candid comment comes along that’s worth sharing, and I’ve transcribed one below.  It’s from a prominent Northwest landscaper based in Olympia, WA.  He’s been using Plant Essentials’ SuperRoots for a couple years now and he’s experimenting with root washing.  He either dips or drenches roots at planting.

“…That big maple that Puget Sound Plants was giving away a few months back that was a tractor lift root ball was my first experiment with bare rooting a tree of that size.  I guess it was about a 4" caliper…I brought it home, took it to my neighbor's house since he had a need for some big trees on his property and we washed all the dirt off, put some of your root magic juice* on it.  We planted it in the summer (emphasis mine) and to be honest I don't think my neighbor is much of a gardener so I don't think he watered it on much of a regular basis but the tree didn't seem to care.  It grew like mad.  Must have been the brown juice*.” - Jaimie

* SuperRoots

“We use SuperTrace in our tank mix for lawns because it contains the chelated trace elements needed to provide a complete nutrient compliment, not just one or two elements.  The organic additives benefit the soil and we feel we are doing our part to not only protect our environment, but improve it. That’s good for customer relations and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do it.”

Don Abshear, CLT
Abshear Landscape Services, Inc.

“ I applied SuperTrace and SoilSeeds on a green right after aeration and topdressing and it recovered 25% faster than the other greens that were treated with granular fertilizer.”

John Franson, Wilbur-Ellis

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for letting us know about your SuperTrace and Nutrex-M/F products. After we started using them in our lawn fertilizer mix, we began getting rave reviews from our clients about how lush and green their lawns had become. Thank you very much for creating and selling these great products. I wish we had started using them a long time ago!” 

Best regards,

Erik Hodson
General Manager
Whitworth Pest Solutions, Inc.

"Having tried many of the trace element products on the market, and the various other technologies, none of them provided the results that the SuperTrace product achieved. In a world full of smoke and mirrors, it's a pleasant change to have products perform just as they are sold to perform.  No other company we have dealt with has matched the passion both Neal and Bert have for their products, and the technical support has been second to none."

Daniel Corry
Barefoot Lawn
Sydney, Australia

“Using Plant Essentials products has been a great asset to my landscape company.  It has improved the appearance of my customer's lawns and frequency of visits has been reduced due to the performance of these products. Nutrex-M/F , SuperTrace , and SoilSeeds are easy to use. The rates are right on the label. Plant Essentials has made a positive change for my business. I'll be sticking with their products for sure.”

Steve Gramlich
Beavercreek Landscape

SuperTrace and 19-0-03 Golf give quick responses even in cold weather...the color really pops and I won’t have to worry about burn in any weather.”

Bob Schoessler,
Superintendent, Dungeness G.C.

" SuperTrace 6% Fe with its micronutrient complex is the best color response of any iron based product I have ever used."

Joel Karchmarek
Golf Course Superintendent Tacoma Country & Golf Club

(253) 588-6515

"We had a tee that had a pretty thick, corky thatch layer and was looking pretty bad. I treated it with SoilSeeds two times about a month apart. I sampled it later in the summer and the thatch had turned really dark (humus) and the turf had turned around nicely. I've gotten calls from several other superintendents this year and recommended they try SoilSeeds ."

Chris King
Superintendent at Willows Run Golf Club.

"Lawns are healthy and green all problem with too many clippings. We get the compliments but your program ( Nutrex-M/F , SoilSeeds , SuperTrace) deserves the credit. Lawns under your program stand out from the rest.  We're happy!"

Larry & Olivia Aguirre
Olympia Landscape Maintenance

"Lawns have a more gentle, even look since we started using Nutrex-M/F in our program. The old slow release product was a pain to handle, heavy, sticky and lots of it! We have breathing room in our scheduling because Nutrex-M/F adds staying power. I'd recommend it to busy techs who like great results and less pressure!"

Bert Forster, Lawn Team Leader
Wolbert's Inc

(360) 239-3120