Our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.
Nutrient Extender/Microbial Inoculant

General Information

For use in liquid fertilizer formulations containing nitrogen and other nutrients. Used as directed, Nutrex-M/F will improve fertilizer efficiency, add beneficial microbes and stimulate biological  proliferation, extending the availability of nutrients for root uptake while minimizing loss to the atmosphere and leaching.  When added to urea or ammonium sulfate, the nitrogen release is extended and predictable without regard to temperatures or rainfall.

A proprietary suspension containing:

USDA organic compliant microbes, fulvic acid-carbon amendment, Ascophyllum Nodosum from brown seaweed, Dicyandiamide, N-(n-butyl) and Thiophosphoric Triamide (organic nitrogen compounds).

Technical Information

What is it?

Nutrex-M/F is a liquid suspension comprised of ingredients derived from organic nitrogen compounds and brown seaweed, fulvic acid-carbon amendment derived from Leonardite, and strains of plant sourced microbes, our SoilSeeds product.

How does it work?

When added to melted urea or ammonium sulfate, Nutrex-M/F

  • extends nitrogen uptake by plant roots for up to two weeks, depending on rate, similar to much more expensive liquid slow release products
  • minimizes nitrogen volitization regardless of temperature
  • drastically reduces the chance of tip burn
  • widens the weather window for liquid applications
  • binds nitrogen to soil, extending nutrient availability for root uptake
  • minimizes nitrogen leaching
  • introduces or re-establishes a healthy microbial population in the soil for the cycling of organic and inorganic matter into nutrients for uptake by plants while improving soil aggregation
  • is a valuable tool in thatch reduction, proven by years of use by lawn care and golf course professionals
  • excellent tank mix partner for liquid root treatments, being compatible with other fertilizers and root rot fungicides.
  • can be used year-round in temperatures above freezing
  • allows treatments in much higher temperatures than is typical with other liquid fertilizers
  • is highly concentrated and much easier to handle than liquid slow release products
  • requires less storage space – 2.5 gals. of Nutrex-M/F compares to 30 gals. of liquid slow release products
  • improves nutrient availability as the fulvic acid-carbon amendment attracts beneficial metals, i.e. iron, copper, zinc etc., for uptake by roots through osmosis – think of it as a “bus” for nutrients

The addition of fully chelated Supertrace 6% Iron will give rapid color response and supply beneficial micro-nutrients for increased soil and plant health.

What about cost?

Nutrex-M/F saves money.

Savings of over $2.00 1000/sq. ft. are possible with Nutrex-M/F and urea or ammonium sulfate over a mix of urea and other popular liquid slow release products.

One company reported they saved enough money in two seasons to buy a new truck ($25,000!) after switching to Nutrex-M/F. Their techs liked it better because they didn’t have to handle gallons and gallons of the other heavy, sticky product, and they got the same, or better, nitrogen release.  In addition, the added fulvic acid and microbes gave them a true bio-fertilizer that has an impact that can be observed. And, as you know, when the techs are happy, everybody’s happy.