Our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.


What is it?

SuperRootsTurf is a liquid combination of predictable release macro/micro nutrients, humic substances with plant sourced microbes* (our SoilSeeds product) and endo-mycorrhizae* for on-the-seed application at seeding or at aeration and over-seeding of greens, tees and ornamental grasses.

The benefits…

SuperRootsTurf is specially designed for grasses at seeding. Years of scientific research by the mycorrhizae manufacturer and Plant Essentials’ field experience have shown SuperRootsTurf will hasten the early establishment of grasses with 4 species of endo-mycorrhizae*, and the other ingredients will jump-start germination and support healthy growth through the early grow-in period. The humic substances will increase the availability of nutrients to the new seedlings and the live microbes will break down nutrients and existing soil organic matter for rapid root uptake. When used at over-seeding existing turf, this product will aid in the reduction of thatch.

No-clog application…

This clean liquid suspension allows for trouble-free application with hand gun or spray boom methods without nozzle clogging. Maximum benefit will be achieved when applied at 8 oz. 1000 sq. ft., applying more gives no additional benefit.

Right on the seed…

Since mycorrhizal spores are immobile, application to the soil before seeding or directly after seeding is essential for colonization and hyphal growth (threadlike filaments of beneficial fungal mycelia) to occur.

Hydroseeding applications…

Hydroseed germination and establishment results would be greatly enhanced with SuperRootsTurf blended right in the mix with no concerns about damaging the seed.

*The humic substances and endo-mycorrhizal components are either USDA organic compliant or OMRI listed, SuperRootsTurf itself is not.

*Benefits of endo-mycorrhizae at seeding

Photos used by permission from the mycorrhizae manufacturer, Mycorrhizal Applicatons.


Golf sod roots with added endo-mycorrhizae


Without endo-mycorrhizae


New seedlings - Treated on the left


Root mass - Treated on the left



Tall fescue untreated



Turf root comparison

Root mass responses on the left



Drought srtess test


Treated on the right



Drought stress test - treated on the right