19-0-3 Golf

Our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.

19-0-3 Golf
Macro-Nutrient Complex

With Nutrex-M/F Nutrient Extender, SoilSeeds Microbial Inoculant with Fulvic Acid-Carbon Amendment

General Information

Use alone or in combination with SuperTrace 6% Iron with fulvic acid for a complete foliar fertilizer.

19-0-3 Golf
Technical Info

Where does it fit?

19-0-3 Golf was developed to eliminate the need for tank mixing nitrogen and potash for liquid application. Without specialized equipment, melting dry nitrogen products can be a difficult and time consuming task. With 19-0-3 Golf, just add water and other tank mix partners like SuperTrace, additional SoilSeeds, TGRs, pesticides, or surfactants, and apply.

What makes it unique?

Adding Nutrex-M/F minimizes the chance for volitization and leaching, and extends the release of nitrogen from urea or ammonium sulfate, making liquid fertilizer application much easier and more efficient. Using at nitrogen rates of .10# to .30# per application are giving great results according to superintendents. The microbial and fulvic acid-carbon amendment additions hasten soluble nutrient uptake and the cycling of organic matter. 19-0-3 Golf makes it possible to go liquid, wall to wall, all year long.

What about environmental concerns?

Liquid applications make good sense environmentally. Applying smaller amounts of nutrients more often reduces the chance for groundwater contamination, and the N extending components in 19-0-3 Golf add an even greater margin of protection.

What about cost?

The cost of any turf product is relative to its ease of use and its benefit. If an honest assessment of the cost of mixing solubles is determined, including the cost of specialized liquid equipment, 19-0-3 Golf will compete favorably and free personnel to do other, more important things.

19-0-3 Golf makes it easy.

All Liquid…All Year