Our products are phosphorous free, and always have been.

Microbial Inoculant with Fulvic Acid-Carbon Amendment

The microbes in this product are USDA organic compliant

General Information

SoilSeeds encourages conditions in lawn and garden soil that increase the availability of atmospheric nitrogen and soil minerals, and reduces or eliminates thatch in turf. SoilSeeds is non-toxic to plants when used as directed. Use SoilSeeds as a tank mix partner with SuperTrace 6% Iron and other fertilizers. SoilSeeds contributes to better fertilizer utilization, more vigorous plant growth, improved soil conditions, increased root development, improved mycorrhizal activity, and lower sodium levels, increasing the plants ability to absorb nutrients.


Biological Help for Pacific Northwest Landscapes

SoilSeeds is a microbial solution in fulvic acid-carbon amendment, delivered in a concentrated form for use as a bio-stimulant on crops and landscapes. It contains plant-derived, USDA organic compliant microbes that will improve soil health and enhance the plant-soil system when applied as directed.  SoilSeeds is manufactured in Olympia, WA and distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest.

How SoilSeeds benefits landscapes …

Nearly all Pacific Northwest residential and commercial landscapes need supplemental fertilizers to thrive. Highly maintained sites, especially turf, need a steady, and available, supply of nutrients to perform at acceptable levels.

SoilSeeds has a wide range of benefits for those who want to create and maintain a healthier, more efficient growing environment, and maximize the return on their investment.

Fertilizer treatments alone aren’t enough…

Proper, timely fertilizer applications are essential in maintaining high quality landscapes. But fertilizer alone, even high quality products, can’t be utilized by plants unless they go through a biological process to break them down into a soluble form that plants can use.

SoilSeeds re-establishes the critical enzymes and microbes…

The microbial family is delicate and can be negatively impacted by severe soil temperature, drought, saturation, high salt fertilizers and compaction from foot traffic and machines.

Applying SoilSeeds, either by itself or with other liquid fertilizers like SuperTrace, increases enzymatic and microbial activity enhancing plants to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and other growth compounds. The microbes proliferate under normal conditions by the billions per hour. They feed bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa which in turn produce beneficial enzymes, organic acids, antibiotics and growth hormones. These beneficial elements are taken up by the roots and transported back through the plant.

When applied to turf, movement through the plant is both foliar and radicular (root uptake). When SoilSeeds is tank mixed with SuperTrace 6% Iron micro-nutrients, color responses can be expected in a matter of hours.

Improved color and vigor are marks of healthy plants…

Better color response is achieved by increased chlorophyll production, leading to increased photosynthesis, resulting in healthier lawns and plantings. Minerals like iron and magnesium are color makers and are rapidly processed by plants when those nutrients are in a soluble form as those found in SuperTrace. The microbes in SoilSeeds release minerals tied up in the soil as they process organic matter. As they proliferate, they begin mining the minerals in their quest for food, thus giving plant roots access to nutrients that were previously unavailable.

Periodic treatments with SoilSeeds will ensure this natural process will continue.

Thatch accumulation is minimized in turf…

Under a high quality mechanical maintenance and fertilizer program using SoilSeeds, existing dead organic matter in the thatch layer (just above the soil, unseen from above) will be broken down and opened up so water and fertilizer and gasses can easily pass through. Depending on the depth of existing thatch, several treatments of SoilSeeds may be needed to break the hydrophobic condition that hinders water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Treatments with SoilSeeds following aeration or with a soil surfactant* will help break the phobic condition allowing re-hydration of the soil. Turf color and normal growing conditions will soon return. The un-retouched photos below show the effects SoilSeeds and proper fertilizing can have on a 3 to 4” thatch layer.

*Tri-Cure is an excellent soil surfactant.

Thatch reduction…

The trial sample below shows 3 to 4” of thatch. Notice the, brown grass on top, the dry corky thatch layer and the powder dry soil beneath. The sample was taken from an irrigated lawn with hydrophobic thatch and dry soil, causing the grass to go dormant and turn brown.

soilseeds_sample1 soilseeds_sample2

3 treatments – 7 weeks apart with 1.5 oz. of SoilSeeds
& 12 oz. of SuperTrace per thousand square feet.

soilseeds_sample3 soilseeds_sample4

Notice the dark, moist look of this sample after 21 weeks. That is the decomposed, dead organic matter in the thatch layer now moist, loose and open. The soil below the thatch is re-hydrated. Notice the green grass blades on the top of the sample in the photo on the left. The lawn went from corky brown to deep green within 2 weeks of the first treatment. Core aeration before treatment application is recommended for enhanced response.

High nitrogen and thatch accumulation…

We’ve all heard that high soluble nitrogen applications result in thatch accumulation, and in some cases that is true. However, the following photos show that even at 9# N per year, thatch does not have to be a problem. Where biological activity is high enough to decompose dead organic matter quickly, accumulation does not occur. This rye, blue, fescue lawn receives 9# of N each year in a six-treatment program. The nitrogen source was urea treated with Nutrex M/F (“M” for microbes, our SoilSeeds, “F” is for fulvic acid) potash, and SuperTrace. The owner waters appropriately, certainly a must to sustain adequate biological activity.

9# N year – “0” thatch with SoilSeeds


Trees and shrubs…

Our experience with landscape plantings mirrors that of lawns. Biologically depleted soil cannot sustain healthy trees and shrubs. SoilSeeds used as a component in liquid root fertilizer adds the “bio” factor so often missing in modern landscapes. SuperRoots contains SoilSeeds as a major component. Please click on the link to that product for more information.


Some crops respond to SoilSeeds in a dramatic way. The photo below, taken in August 2008, is of one acorn squash plant. It is 15’ x 20’, after having the runners cut back several times. The single plant was treated at planting and again a few weeks later by a foliar spray at a rate of a little more than 1 quart per acre. We have not found any problem with over-vigorous responses in landscapes, but a farmer would definitely benefit from responses like this. Reports from that sector have been very encouraging.


SoilSeeds costs only a few pennies per thousand square feet of turf or planting area per treatment but the benefits are lasting.

Minimal Cost…Maximum Benefits…SoilSeeds