Each blend made to your specifications

Signature Blends

Who knows what your turf needs better than you?

We’re sure you, like every other golf course superintendent, has had numerous sales people prod them into trying their fertilizer products. Maybe they sounded good even though they weren’t exactly what your soil test said you needed or what you really wanted. You’re tempted to buy, but you’d really like to have exactly what you want. Maybe you don’t know where to find the ingredients or don’t have the time, desire or equipment to blend it yourself. Well, you don’t need to settle for a close second when you can have exactly what you need. Plant Essentials, LLC, manufacturers of SuperTrace and other innovative products, in cooperation with your Wilbur Ellis representative, will blend a liquid specific to your needs, deliver it labeled exclusively for your course, and do it in record time. Plant Essentials is small enough to do provide signature blends all year long at competitive prices. There’s no need to settle for something close when you can have exactly your own. Again, who knows what you need better than you?

Just give your Wilbur-Ellis rep a list of the ingredients you want and the rate for each, and he’ll get back to you quickly with a quote for a signature blend. If you’re already using other Plant Essentials products and would like them added, we can do so, making things even easier for you. You just add water and spray…how easy is that!

Neal Wolbert, President
Plant Essentials, LLC
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